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Best 5 things I could do for my career:

  1. Get called a slut by Rush Limbaugh.
  2. Have my smart phone hacked and private videos and/or photos are “leaked.”
  3. Release a track with Lil’ Wanye
  4. Create a quasi-fashionable shoe line.
  5. Die.
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When did you realize that you suck?

Sleigh Bells being cool.

Sleigh Bells being cool.

I’m 25 and I just realized right this moment that I suck. I’m thinking about my evening, about how happy I’ll be to make dinner, play with my pet rabbit, and get to bed around 9:30, maybe 10. The thing is, eletro-noise-awesomley-hip-pop duo Sleigh Bells is coming into town tonight. On a Tuesday night. On a work night. And to make things more hip (or worse), Diplo is one of the opening acts. It’s hit me like a bad case of indigestion, I’m officially boring. I would rather stay home and do the aforementioned rather then going out, getting crazy, and generally acting a like a hip, cool, young adult.It’s just not worth the mental anguish (and the light vomiting) in the morning to get myself out of bed and into work. I will not be wearing my hip asymmetrical see through top with acid wash jeggings and vintage style lace up boots. I will be laying in bed, wearing pimple cream on my face watching episodes of Modern Family. I’m okay with this. I think.

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