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Public Humliation

You can't afford me.

Tear are streaming from my face. I can feel the snot coming too. It’s pouring out of my nose slowly. I quickly wipe it away from my nose. I panic and keep wiping my face. My hands are soaked. Great, I think to myself, now I have to touch the key pad. The cashier darts her eyes away from me.

“That will be $98.52,” she mummers. My wet fingers key in my pin code. Denied. Try again. Try again. Just once more.

“Is there another card you can use,” she shifts uncomfortably. I turn away and power walk to the bathroom. Crying. I mean sobbing, almost comically so. Sounds and all.

The reason for my public humiliation: birth control. My insurance company, my doctors office, and pharmacy have all played the mean kind of mind games used for psychological warfare. One person tells me one thing, while the other says they’ve done their part, and another is simply clueless. Sounds kind of like Congress right now during our current bithcontrol debate.

I can make every argument that’s already been made: this is misogynistic, antiquated, etc, etc. But I can’t understand why men in congress are so against my use of birth control. It’s financially killing me to pay about a 100 a month. Emotionally, killing me at least. Don’t they have wives, sisters, and mistresses? What the hell do they use to keep from getting knocked up? What’s going on inside their heads?

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Oh Vh1, Are you reinforcing racist, sexist, and patriarchal sterotypes again?

The ladies of Love and Hip-Hop

Last weeks episode was a mess. And when I say mess I mean delightfully disgusting piece of entertainment. Kimbella, the show punching bag, got into another fight with some girl who also happens to have a false sense of importance. But among the violence, we found love. Ol’ jmmy finally got muscled into proposing to Chrissy in Miami.

During  last weeks Baseball Wives…who am I kidding? I don’t watch Baseball Wives. I stick to the minority themed shows because they make me feel more comfortable. But VH1 doesn’t really cater to my specific minority (the Hispanic community) so I’m proposing the creation of Fútbol Wives, or possibly, Fútbol Esposas. This show can follow the same  formulaic design of its baseball, basketball, mob, and hip hop predecessors:

  • Women who live off of husbands, baby daddy’s, boyfriends, ex-husbands, etc. They’re lives must completely revolve the finances of the men in their lives. I won’t have it any other way.
  • One fight per episode. Non-negotiable. This fight must be instigated by the the evil queen bee of the show. She must have a mole.
  • Okay, two per episode.

I hope that Vh1 will consider bringing a little diversity to their shows. Hey, maybe the Logo channel can take on Softball Wives?

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