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Student Debt Solution

student hunger games

Death beats debt deferment.

The year is 2015 and after a terrible¬† economic collapse we’ve reverted to back to an agriculturally based society.

Food is scarce.

Technology is gone.

Everyone eats squirrel.

The aristocratic governors of our dystopian society decided to hold a semi annual Student Hunger Game! All of the districts sends in 2 college students as retribution for the economic collapse they created. All of the students must might each other to the death in football stadium. The student left standing has their college debt waved.


When did you realize that you suck?

Sleigh Bells being cool.

Sleigh Bells being cool.

I’m 25 and I just realized right this moment that I suck. I’m thinking about my evening, about how happy I’ll be to make dinner, play with my pet rabbit, and get to bed around 9:30, maybe 10. The thing is, eletro-noise-awesomley-hip-pop duo Sleigh Bells is coming into town tonight. On a Tuesday night. On a work night. And to make things more hip (or worse), Diplo is one of the opening acts. It’s hit me like a bad case of indigestion, I’m officially boring. I would rather stay home and do the aforementioned rather then going out, getting crazy, and generally acting a like a hip, cool, young adult.It’s just not worth the mental anguish (and the light vomiting) in the morning to get myself out of bed and into work. I will not be wearing my hip asymmetrical see through top with acid wash jeggings and vintage style lace up boots. I will be laying in bed, wearing pimple cream on my face watching episodes of Modern Family. I’m okay with this. I think.

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#Recent College Grad Problems

Oh, great.

I spoke with a close friend today about the uncertainty I feel regarding my new job. Don’t get my wrong, I’m thankful and glad. The people I work for have been very warm and welcoming but I think I might have signed myself into slave labor. Or, less dramatically put, indentured servitude. This is the harsh reality I face as a recent college graduation with a broad liberal arts degree. Depending on the way you look at it, I can do everything or I can do nothing with my degree. So like a wise patient adult, I took the first offer I could get with a small business. A sort of mom and pop shop. Maybe up and coming.

Like me, my friend is 25 but she never completed her college degree. She works in an urban center for a corporate giant, pushing paper, and gets paid 3 more dollars than I do. I wonder who’s better off here. I see the line of work that I’m in as an investment. Everything I do for this small business I’ll put on my resume and showcase all of the abilities I was able to accumulate. But on the other hand, I feel like a sucker for getting into debt for college degree that feels so meaningless.

Shoulda been a nurse.

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