#Recent College Grad Problems

Oh, great.

I spoke with a close friend today about the uncertainty I feel regarding my new job. Don’t get my wrong, I’m thankful and glad. The people I work for have been very warm and welcoming but I think I might have signed myself into slave labor. Or, less dramatically put, indentured servitude. This is the harsh reality I face as a recent college graduation with a broad liberal arts degree. Depending on the way you look at it, I can do everything or I can do nothing with my degree. So like a wise patient adult, I took the first offer I could get with a small business. A sort of mom and pop shop. Maybe up and coming.

Like me, my friend is 25 but she never completed her college degree. She works in an urban center for a corporate giant, pushing paper, and gets paid 3 more dollars than I do. I wonder who’s better off here. I see the line of work that I’m in as an investment. Everything I do for this small business I’ll put on my resume and showcase all of the abilities I was able to accumulate. But on the other hand, I feel like a sucker for getting into debt for college degree that feels so meaningless.

Shoulda been a nurse.

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